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Double JP Septic, the premier provider of professional septic tank services in East Austin, Texas!

With a team of highly skilled experts, we specialize in a comprehensive range of septic services catering to both residential and commercial properties. Our offerings include pumping, cleaning, repairs, installation, and inspections, ensuring a complete solution tailored to your specific requirements. We recognize the crucial role played by a properly functioning septic system, and our commitment lies in providing effective and customized resolutions for optimal performance. Our team is available from Monday to Saturday, ready to address any urgent situation with our prompt emergency services. Building on our solid reputation for professionalism, reliability, and exceptional customer service since 2014, we take immense pride in our extensive knowledge of septic systems and our ability to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions. Whether you need routine maintenance, repairs, installation, or a thorough inspection, our skilled technicians stand prepared to assist you every step of the way. When it comes to all your septic tank needs in East Austin, Texas, make the smart choice and trust Double JP Septic.

Septic tank cleaning involves the thorough removal of accumulated sludge and debris from the tank to maintain its proper functioning and prevent potential issues. This process typically includes using specialized equipment and techniques to effectively clean the walls and bottom of the tank, ensuring the removal of any built-up solids. Regular septic tank cleaning is essential to prevent clogs, odors, and system failures, promoting a healthier and more efficient wastewater management system.

Septic truck pumping out septic tank on commercial property
Technician pumping out septic tank

Septic tank pumping is a crucial maintenance task that involves removing the accumulated liquid and solid waste from the tank. By pumping out the contents, the septic tank is relieved of excess materials, reducing the risk of backups, foul odors, and potential damage to the system.

Septic tank repairs address various issues that may arise within the system, ensuring its optimal functionality. Common repairs include fixing cracks or leaks in the tank, repairing or replacing damaged baffles or inlet/outlet pipes, and resolving issues with the drain field such as clogs or flooding. Additionally, repairs may involve addressing problems with the septic pump or electrical components to maintain the proper flow and distribution of wastewater.

Septic pipe after repair service
Technician installing a new septic tank in a residential yard

Septic tank installation is a complex process that involves several crucial steps. It typically begins with a thorough site assessment to determine the appropriate location and size of the septic tank. The installation process includes excavation, placement of the tank, connecting the inlet and outlet pipes, and ensuring proper sealing and insulation. Lastly, the installation is completed by establishing the drain field or leach field, where the treated wastewater is dispersed into the soil, promoting natural filtration and absorption.

Septic tank inspection involves a thorough assessment of the entire septic system to ensure its proper functioning and identify any potential issues. This process includes checking the tank for signs of leaks, cracks, or structural damage, examining the inlet and outlet pipes for blockages or damage, and inspecting the drain field for proper drainage. Additionally, the inspection may involve measuring the sludge and scum levels in the tank and assessing the overall health of the system to determine if any maintenance or repairs are necessary.

Other Septic Services We Offer

Leach field being installed at a new residence

Septic tank lift stations, also known as pump stations, are used in situations where the septic tank or drain field is located at a lower elevation than the main sewer line or treatment facility. These stations utilize pumps to lift and transfer wastewater from the lower area to a higher elevation, ensuring proper flow and drainage. Lift stations often include various components such as pumps, control panels, alarms, and backup power systems to facilitate efficient and reliable wastewater transportation.

These underground systems receive effluent from septic tanks and allow it to filter through layers of soil, where natural biological processes help break down and remove contaminants before the treated water recharges the groundwater or is released into the environment.

Leach field being installed at a new residence

Aerobic systems are particularly useful in areas with high water tables, clay soils, or sites that require advanced wastewater treatment. They offer enhanced treatment capabilities, producing cleaner effluent that can be safely discharged or reused for irrigation purposes. Regular maintenance, including monitoring and periodic servicing, is crucial to ensure the continued optimal performance of aerobic systems.

Double JP Septic is your reliable partner for all septic system needs in East Austin, Texas. Our team of experts is well-equipped to handle any requirements you may have. Schedule an appointment today to witness our exceptional service firsthand and allow us to bring our expertise to improve the condition of your septic system.

East Austin, Texas Septic Services Frequently Asked Questions

Why is regular septic tank maintenance important?

Regular septic tank maintenance is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of your system. It helps prevent issues like clogs, backups, and costly repairs. Regular pumping and inspections help maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the tank and extend the lifespan of your septic system.

Can I plant trees or build structures over my septic system?

It is not recommended to plant large trees or build structures such as sheds, driveways, or swimming pools over your septic system. The roots of trees can invade and damage the system, while heavy structures can cause compression and hinder proper drainage. It is best to consult with a septic professional for guidance on suitable landscaping and construction practices.

What should I do if I experience a septic system emergency?

In the event of a septic system emergency, such as a sewage backup or strong odor, it is crucial to contact a septic service provider immediately. They will assess the situation, identify the cause of the problem, and provide prompt and effective solutions to resolve the emergency and prevent further damage.

About East Austin, Texas

East Austin, Texas, is a vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhood that embodies the spirit and energy of the city. Known for its unique blend of history, art, and culinary delights, East Austin offers a dynamic and ever-evolving experience for residents and visitors alike. From its vibrant music scene and eclectic street art to its delicious food trucks and trendy boutiques, the neighborhood exudes a lively and creative atmosphere. East Austin’s diverse community, consisting of long-time residents and newcomers, contributes to the area’s rich cultural tapestry. With its mix of historic homes, modern developments, and green spaces, East Austin embraces both its past and future, creating a truly captivating destination in the heart of Texas.

Museum of Weird

Museum of Weird - The Museum of Weird is an unconventional and offbeat attraction located near Austin, Texas. It showcases an eclectic collection of oddities, curiosities, and bizarre exhibits, providing visitors with a delightfully strange and memorable experience.


Thinkery is a unique children's museum located near Austin, Texas. It offers interactive exhibits and hands-on activities designed to promote learning, creativity, and critical thinking skills in children of all ages. With a focus on science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM), Thinkery provides a fun and educational environment where kids can explore, experiment, and engage in imaginative play.

Zilker Botanical Garden

The Zilker Botanical Garden is a beautiful and serene oasis nestled within Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. Spanning 26 acres, it features a diverse collection of themed gardens, each showcasing a variety of plants, flowers, and landscapes. Visitors can wander through the Japanese Garden, with its tranquil ponds and lush greenery, or explore the colorful Rose Garden, filled with fragrant blooms.

Are there any good restaurants in East Austin?

Yes! East Austin is home to a wide array of fantastic restaurants that cater to diverse tastes. Here are a few popular options:

Launderette: Known for its modern American cuisine, Launderette offers a creative menu featuring dishes like wood-fired octopus, grilled lamb, and seasonal vegetable plates. The vibrant and stylish atmosphere adds to the dining experience.

Suerte: This Mexican-inspired restaurant combines traditional flavors with a modern twist. From handmade tortillas to flavorful ceviches and delicious tacos, Suerte is a must-visit for those craving authentic Mexican cuisine

Are there any old cemeteries to visit?

Yes! There are a few historical old cemetaries that you can visit in East Austin. Here are a few to check out.

Oakwood Cemetery: Located on the east side of I-35 near downtown Austin, Oakwood Cemetery is one of the oldest and largest cemeteries in the city. It was established in 1839 and serves as the final resting place for many prominent Austinites, including politicians, entrepreneurs, and veterans. The cemetery’s historic gravesites, monuments, and serene atmosphere make it a popular destination for those interested in local history and genealogy.

Evergreen Cemetery: Situated just east of Oakwood Cemetery, Evergreen Cemetery is another historic burial ground worth exploring. Dating back to the late 1800s, it is the resting place of many African-American pioneers and community leaders. The cemetery provides insights into the rich African-American heritage of the area and is a place of historical significance.

Is there a nice golf course in this area?

Yes, Morris Williams Golf Course is a public golf course located in East Austin, Texas. It is named after a former Austin city councilman and mayor, Morris Williams Sr. The course was designed by renowned golf course architect Leon Howard and opened in 1964. Morris Williams Golf Course offers a challenging and enjoyable golfing experience. The 18-hole course features tree-lined fairways, undulating greens, and strategically placed bunkers. With a par of 71 and a length of over 6,600 yards, it caters to golfers of all skill levels.

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