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Technician pumping out septic tank

Septic Pumping

When it comes to septic tank maintenance, staying on top of regular septic tank pumping services is essential to the lifespan and overall functioning of your system. We guarantee that our licensed team of experts will perform your septic tank pumping service with reliable skill at an efficient pace.

Emergency Tank Pumping

When one of the knowledgeable experts at Double JP Septic arrives for your appointment, they will begin by removing the manhole cover and inserting a large hose connected from the tanker truck into your septic tank. As the high-powered vacuum equipment goes to work removing interior debris through suction, the qualified technician on duty will often use a muckrake in order to dislodge solids and stir them with the tank’s liquid contents so the pumping process will operate more smoothly.

Septic Tank System Maintenance Tips

  • Decrease your water usage – High-efficiency plumbing appliances like faucets and toilets can significantly reduce the amount of water flowing into your septic system. You can also decrease water usage by staying on top of repairs for things like leaks and drips, which cause your tank to fill up at a faster rate.
  • Reduce solid waste – The best way to decrease solid waste is to avoid flushing anything down your drains that will physically burden your septic tank system. Flushing items like wipes or feminine products can do a lot of damage. It is best to stick with solely flushing toilet paper. Throw leftovers in the trash rather than using a garbage disposer, which moves organic food waste into your septic tank system.
  • Funnel water flows away from your drain field – Pay attention to potential downspouts and your property’s landscape grading; oftentimes, this is how water is funneled directly onto your septic system’s drain field and compromises its water dispersal ability.
  • Avoid emptying hot tubs or pools into your drain system – This will put unnecessary physical stress on your septic tank system and impede its functioning. Always drain the contents of a pool or hot tub into your yard, away from the drain field.
  • Do not pour chemicals down your drain – Chemical substances can hinder the important bacterial process that occurs within your septic tank. Pouring chemicals down the drain can prevent helpful bacteria from breaking down the solid accumulated inside your septic system.
Septic Tank Pumping Truck in the evening

Septic tank pumping is a key aspect of monitoring and maintaining dependable septic system functioning. The certified professionals at Double JP Septic are always prepared to provide our customers with the exceptional septic tank pumping services they need.

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