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Septic Services

Our dedicated team of experts has been providing reliable, efficient services for septic systems in Elgin, Texas, and the surrounding communities for the past nine years. We guarantee that our licensed professionals will perform whatever septic services are necessary for your tank system with dependability and expertise, all at a fair price.

Cleaning Septic Systems

Septic tank cleanings are usually performed when trying to address other problems within the septic system, so it is important to keep an eye out for problems like backflow or drain field issues to monitor when you need to schedule a cleaning. The process is more thorough than a typical pumping service because it involves emptying out your entire tank and removing sludge accumulation from the interior walls and floor.

Septic truck pumping out septic tank on commercial property
Technician pumping out septic tank

Pumping Septic Systems

Septic tank pumping services should generally be performed every three to five years; however, scheduling yearly pumping appointments can greatly benefit the overall maintenance and functioning of your septic system. We utilize the suction provided by high-powered vacuum equipment to efficiently remove floating solids and liquid waste contained in your septic tank.

Repairing Septic Systems

We can identify and address a wide range of septic system repairs thanks to our years of industry experience. Some of the problems our technicians commonly address include clogs, damaged parts, overflow issues, broken pipes, tree root damage, and improper system installation.

Septic pipe after repair service
2 septic tanks sitting on the back of a flatbed truck ready to be lowered into the ground for installation

Installing Septic Systems

Before we begin our septic system installation process, our skilled professionals will determine if your property is large enough to contain an access hatch, a distribution box, a drain field, a septic tank, and a sewer pipe. Once this has been confirmed, we will perform soil inspection, filtration testing, and culminating with pipe installation and tank burial.

Inspecting Septic Systems

Our real-estate inspection services will ensure the safety and cleanliness of your property, both before and after installing a septic tank system. We are certified in real-estate inspection by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and will work diligently order to determine the physical integrity of your septic tank, the correct functioning of the distribution box, and whether or not the leach field is in working order.

Aerobic Septic Systems

Aerobic septic systems are more complex than standard septic tanks and require more frequent service. High sludge buildup inside the aerobic unit will prevent bacteria from performing their proper function and cause insufficient wastewater treatment. Our experts will thoroughly clean your aerobic septic system, providing protection from rapid sludge accumulation.

Drain field piping being repaired

Leach Fields

A leach field, oftentimes called a drain field, works in tandem with your septic system to keep things running smoothly. Its main function is the removal of waste from your septic tank that then travels through an underground pipe system where it is evenly distributed into the soil. Backed-up plumbing, lingering sewage odors, and slow-flowing drainage are all common signs of leach field malfunction that can be easily addressed by our technicians.

Lift Stations

A lift station is a large concrete hole in the ground that funnels draining waste from your property and pumps it into the city’s sewer line where it is then funneled to a waste processing center. The main difference between a lift station and a sewer pumping station is that the former raises sewage and other waste material to a higher level of elevation while the latter is designed to solely lift water from a lower elevation level to a higher one.

Put your trust in the highly qualified, family-owned team at Double JP Septic when you need septic system services performed with efficiency, courtesy, and reliability – all for a fair price!

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