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Aerobic Septic System Cleaning

An aerobic system is more complicated than a traditional septic tank and must be serviced more frequently. One of the most common issues that result in a necessary cleaning of your aerobic system is the buildup of sludge inside the unit’s trash tank. This compartment is the first entry point for wastewater inside your septic unit, which then travels into the aerobic system and further into the pump tank.

Over time, the sludge accumulation within the trash tank will enter the aerobic unit and seep into the pump compartment. High sludge buildup inside the aerobic unit will prevent bacteria from properly acting and result in insufficient wastewater treatment. The licensed technicians at Double JP Septic guarantee a thorough cleaning of your unit when you schedule an aerobic system cleaning service with our team, so you won’t have to worry about preventable issues like sludge buildup.

Determine How Often Your System Require Service

Size of System

Aerobic systems with smaller tanks require more frequent pumping services than larger ones.

Hydraulic Load

The level of wastewater entering your unit depends on the number of household occupants; sludge buildup is accelerated by heavier and more frequent use of the tank. System surges (the use of a lot of water in a short amount of time) will push sludge through the system at a faster pace which often results in higher accumulations in the pump tank.

Overfull System

Overfull compartments (often stemming from issues with the submergible pump) will cause sludge to move freely and with speed through the tank system. 

Decreased Oxygen

The aerobic bacteria inside your unit are essential to the overall functioning of your system and can be negatively impacted by a decrease in oxygen. Without oxygen, wastewater treatment decreases and sludge will rapidly accumulate.

Aerobic septic systems are technologically more complex than the industry-standard septic tank. The qualified professionals at Double JP Septic are more than prepared to handle your aerobic system cleaning service with diligent expertise. Schedule your aerobic system cleaning today!

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