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Lift Stations

A lift station is a large concrete hole in the ground that funnels draining waste from your property and pumps it into the city’s sewer line to be carried away to a waste processing center. If a lift station isn’t correctly maintained, sewage backups and leaking fluids are two of the most common issues that may arise, which will indicate the need for a cleaning or pumping service.

Lift Stations: Things You Should Know

  • The main difference between a lift station and a sewer pumping station lies in their design function. While a sewer pumping station is designed to lift solely water from a lower elevation level to a higher one, lift stations specifically raise sewage and other waste material to a higher level of elevation.
  • A lift station system also provides the financial benefit of avoiding excavation costs resulting from typical septic tank installations.
  • If you can hear a buzzing noise coming from your lift station while it is pumping, or if you do not hear any sound at all, there is a high chance that your lift station system is clogged and needs to be professionally cleaned out by our septic pumping service.
  • Grease is another strong indicator when it comes to determining if you need to schedule a lift station cleaning; it can gradually collect over time due to cooking and dishwashing, which is why it is important to keep up with pumping maintenance. Keep an eye out for grease collecting on the walls of the lift station or floating on top of the waste, and call the trusted team at Double JP Septic to schedule your cleaning service.

The highly qualified professionals that make up the Double JP Septic team are trained in providing the cleaning and pumping services necessary to keep your lift station in consistent working order. Fill out a contact form through our website or call today to schedule your next lift station maintenance service.

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