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Septic pipe after repair service

Septic Repairs

As qualified technicians who have served the Elgin, Texas community with skill and expertise since 2014, we are licensed to perform a wide range of septic tank system repairs for our customers. Some of the issues we address with our septic tank repair service include broken pipes, clogs, overflow problems, tree root damage, and improper system installation

Emergency Tank Pumping

A septic tank should be pumped at least once every three years, but the best way to avoid requiring emergency pumping is to have the service performed annually. If maintenance is neglected, you run the risk of intense sludge buildup, causing a blockage within the inlet and outlet lines. This can result in sewage backing up within your home or seeping into the drain field and rising up through the ground. Double JP Septic technicians want our customers to know that we are here 24/7 to provide you with the courteous, efficient assistance you need in an emergency pumping situation.

Drain Field Piping Repair

The pipes supporting your drain field, often called drain lines, are essential to the functioning of your septic system. These pipes are responsible for receiving “clear” water from your septic tank and then safely funneling it into the surrounding soil. Ground shift, tree root growth, and construction are common causes of breakages in your drain lines which can cause severe drainage issues. Be advised that our professionals will need to perform excavation in order to repair broken drain field piping.

Drain field piping being repaired
Septic tank baffle being prepared for replacement

Broken Septic Baffle Replacement

Baffles are designed to prevent solid materials from escaping your septic tank and seeping out into the drain field. These important parts can suffer damage from rust or sulfuric acid and must be replaced by licensed professionals. When a septic baffle issue arises, it is usually an early indicator that the entire septic tank system is at risk of failing and should be handled as soon as possible.

The qualified team members at Double JP Septic will perform your necessary septic repair services in a timely, respectful manner at a fair price. Whether you need to schedule a piping replacement for your drainfield or find yourself needing 24/7 emergency pumping assistance, call the reliable technicians at Double JP Septic today!

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